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Patient Experiences of Osteopathy at the Ashcroft Practice


A story about Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.


I fractured my left wrist after slipping on some ice and two days later had to have an operation to have six pins and a plate put in.  My arm was extremely painful and when I had the plaster removed six weeks later the pain became worse and spread to my elbow and shoulder. My hand and wrist were swollen.  Luckily a Physiotherapist realised that I had Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and I was prescribed medication and referred to the Pain Clinic very quickly.


I decided to visit my Osteopath to see if anything else could be done.  After the first treatment my whole arm felt warm, my shoulder felt easier and I slept well for the first time, then all the symptoms came back again.  After the second treatment (five days later) the swelling started to go down and I had less pain.  After the fourth treatment I was sleeping well, the swelling was almost completely gone, the pain was much less and I was getting the movement back in my hand and elbow.


I have continued to see my Osteopath, alongside having Physiotherapy, Reflexology and continuing to take medication.  I have also been swimming regularly.  My arm is still improving and I have been able to return to work.


Mrs J Franklin, Cirencester




A story about teenage headaches.


My daughter had been suffering from headaches for more than two years.  These headaches occurred on a daily basis, several times a day.  She had been prescribed a daily dose of six Gabapentin*.  This treatment was no longer helping, so it was suggested that the dose should be increased up to twelve per day.  This dose was increased by one per week.  At the point of nine tablets per day my daughter was extremely tired, experiencing flashing lights and disorientated.


We sought help from the GP who was reluctant to change the treatment prescribed by the Pain Clinic.  On seeking help from a Cranial Osteopath we were able to reduce the dose by one tablet per week to the point where the Gabapentin was withdrawn completely.  Quality of life has improved considerably, enabling my daughter to fully participate without being concerned that a headache would occur at any moment.


*Gabapentin is a prescription-only medication given for migraine, nerve-related pain and for controlling epilepsy.


Mrs A Brayley, Swindon