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Osteopathy fees:


First consultation

(45–60mins) £60


Follow-up appointments

(20–30mins) £40

(60mins) £60



First consultation

(45–60mins) £55


Follow-up appointments

(20–30mins) £35



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Rupert Hanbury, Mags Milan – Osteopaths

Rupert Hanbury


After his degree in biochemistry, Rupert graduated from the British School of Osteopathy in 1988. He joined the Ashcroft Practice in 1996 and uses the "classical" osteopathic approach involving comprehensive analysis of problems such as pain and stiffness. Cranial osteopathy techniques also form an essential part of his treatment: the best combination of technique is chosen for the particular patient.


Rupert's holistic approach often includes advice about work strain, exercise and exercises, and he maintains good links with local doctors and other specialists. Rupert has a special interest in rehabilitation after injury and coordinating treatment for longer term problems.


Rupert is registered with BUPA.


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Mags Milan


Mags is currently on maternity leave


Mags has had a lifelong interest in helping people to cope with life’s challenges. Having previously gained first class honours in Psychology, she was thrilled to graduate top of her year at the British School of Osteopathy, winning prizes in academic and clinical excellence, and gaining distinction in her Master of Osteopathy degree. Since then she has added a postgraduate certificate in Paediatric Osteopathic Practice to her qualifications.


Mags is passionate about osteopathy and its role in promoting systemic health and overall wellbeing. With first-hand experience working in the media, she is all too aware of the difficulty of balancing personal and professional demands. She believes that osteopathy is ideally placed to help people improve every aspect of their life.


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