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Osteopathy fees:


First consultation

(45–60mins) £60


Follow-up appointments

(20–30mins) £40

(60mins) £60



First consultation

(45–60mins) £55


Follow-up appointments

(20–30mins) £35



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Cranial Osteopathy


All osteopaths have a highly developed sense of touch or palpation. They have an extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology and can detect very subtle physical imbalances in the body.


Cranial Osteopaths use very gentle and subtle techniques to ease out areas of tension and restricted mobility, help improve local circulation and help the body to return to a better state of balance and health.


A Cranial Osteopath is a fully trained osteopath who has chosen to undertake postgraduate studies in this particular gentle approach. Despite the name they are able to treat the whole body and not just issues relating to the head, although they do have a detailed understanding of the anatomy of the head and its 22 skull bones.



Due to the extreme gentleness of its techniques Cranial Osteopathy can be used in the treatment of babies, toddlers and older children. It can also be used to support the many changes taking place in the body during pregnancy and after giving birth.